Time really flies, from 1997 when the plant was built and established, our company has went through for 16 years, during this long period, we have expended, strengthened from smaller and weaker one to bigger and stronger one, from single product to multifold products, from the small plant in Changshu city to the national high-technology enterprise. By reviewing the past 16 years, we have experienced and learned a lot, although there will be much more difficulty which need to overcome in the future, our company still insists on expansion and production with good quality as we have completed in the past years.

Suzhou Fushilai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has been expanded named Changshu Fushilai Medicine & Chemical Co., Ltd from 7000m2 to 33500m2, with the number of stall totally 260 including professional experts and technician more than 100 person. Besides, the annual sales volume from the period of the plant just established to 2012 has been expanded and enlarged from 1,500,000 CNY to 15 00,000,000 CNY which enlarged for 100times. In recent years, our economic aggregate, benefit, and operated quality standard already have surpassed the average development level in Jiangsu Province. Besides, the company keeps developing and raising rapidly at the growth rate of 18%~22%, the comprehensive energy consumption of three main products has been decreased annually with the good trend to develop.

In 2009, as for the good opportunity obtained by the government program, meanwhile, taking our self-development into consideration, we have planned to move to new site where located in No.16, Haiwang Rd, Advanced Material Industrial Park, Changshu, Jiangsu, China for 66666m2, and have invested 220,000,000 CNY in the first-stage program to build the new plant to expend production, and from Oct. 2014, the second-stage program has been started and invested more than 60,000,000 at present. After the production ability has been established step by step, the product capacity, sales amount and economic benefit will be increased by several times.

By working hard for many years, the company has advantages in the fields of the product, quality, environmental protection, research and development, market share.

Security, environmental protection, quality and technology are the 4 lifelines for company development, and our company has succeeded with achievement in these years.

Our company has paid more attention on the quality and sincerity, and focused on the quality control comprehensively, and we have been approved for the GMP authentication by SFDA on Jan., 2013

Suzhou Fushilai focuses on cooperating closely with China Academy of Sciences (Shanghai), Zhejiang University, East China University of Science and Technology, Tianjin University, Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, Jiangnan University, Changshu Institute of Technology in the fields of the technical innovation, technical process and production research. Meanwhile, we pay more attention on R&D with the team organized by foreign doctors and advanced engineers, and professors. We have been awarded as “Jiangsu Polypeptide Amino Acid Engineering Technology Center”. Besides, we have applied for 28 of invention patent for intellectual property, which 13 has been authorized, and we applied 2 invention patent with the R&D institute.

The products: Alpha Lipoic Acid series, L-Carnosine series, and Phosphatidylcholine series which belong to the “Bio-pharmaceutical” high-tech products supported seriously by state, and there are 5 products regarded as the “Jiangsu High-Tech Products”, and 3 have been listed in the “National March Plan”

In recent years, our company has been the “Dark Horse” in the pharmaceutical field with the rapid speed, and been the one of the biggest manufacturers on the Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Carnosine, Phosphatidylcholine, we focuses on export and have business all over the world like U.S.A, Europe, East-South Asira, and other markets, and have established cooperation relationship with them in the long term.

We have invested and paid more attention on the environmental protection by adopting advanced distal measure to reduce pollution from original part and during production, to achieve the waste water micro-released, and the total pollution under control these years, and we have obtained several kinds of invention patent and awarded by the governments, and published as the special report in the

Now we plan to be pre-IPO enterprise with good future.

Reviewing the past 16 years, we failed with pity, succeeded with hard working, these rich experience and lessons could encourage and promote us to develop continuously, and cover any difficulty in the future.