According to the requirement of China Securities Regulatory Commission, to increase the transparency of stock to be listed, avoid and solve the stock market risk, protect legitimate interest of inventors, our company would like to accept supervision by all sectors of society and the public. Now our contact information and informant’s hotline telephone in the following:

Initiators of Suzhou Fushilai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd: Suzhou Fushilai Technology Service Development Center (limited partnership), Wujiang East Guofa VC Co., Ltd, Suzhou Guofa Angel VC Co.,Ltd(limited partnership).

Address: No.16, Haiwang Rd, Advanced Material Industrial Park, Changshu, Jiangsu, China

Legal Representative: Mr. Qian Xiangyun

Contact person: Mr. Ji Li

Tel: +86-512-52015605 Fax: +86-512-52015605

Tel for supervision (CSRC-Jiangsu): 025-84575515

Contact address: 19th Floor, Huatai Securities Mansion, No.19, Zhongshan East Road, Nanjing, post code: 210002

Suzhou Fushilai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd